KiddieTime uses a proprietary curriculum called “Success Factors.” It is an emergent play based curriculum that focuses on STEM concepts (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). We believe that what our children will learn from infancy to kindergarten is very important for them to get the most of their developmental years. Our curriculum provides the necessary learning and practice that children need to take advantage of their developmental years.

We want our children to develop independent thinking, so they can learn from personal experiences and discoveries. Therefor, we encourage our children to be curious and to explore the things around them. We help them love learning and to yearn for learning through discussions and activities that are fun and purposeful. “Success Factors” curriculum is a research based curriculum that helps children learn and succeed in life.

STEM (or Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) can be easily taught to young learners if done with the right concepts and strategies. Therefore, we highly encourage exploration and self-discovery; Children love learning about STEM concepts through investigation, asking questions, and structured activities.