Family Communication

We highly promote parental involvement in the study and progress of our students. We want to partner with them to ensure that children are getting the appropriate care that they expect. We also want to establish a good feedback system so that we get to share the same goals, are aligned with the same process and are supporting each other all the way. Thus, we ensure that we keep an open line of communication with the parents of our children.

We make parental involvement and open communication possible through the following channels:

  • Kiddie Time Real-Time Update App. This is a mobile application that use so parents, even when they are far away, are updated with their children’s daily activities. When the children are in the center, parents receive live and real-time videos, photos, and updates of their children’s day. This helps parents to get in the loop with what is happening in the center, without having to be physically present. This application also allows for feedback coming from parents. Teachers will be given their own device so they can respond to the messages of parents, depending on urgency. For parents who are also depending on other people to look after their kids, the application or account can be shared with other relatives or care providers as well.
  • Student Journals. Kids are provided with journals where teachers will write notes about their activities for the day. It’s a tool for parents to see the progress
  • E-mail. We also send e-mails to parents informing them of their children’s activities, special announcements and progress on a weekly basis. Parents can send a reply or feedback through the e-mail as well
  • Bulletin Boards. For regular events, personnel announcements, and other public information, we communicate them through our family bulletin boards which are located in the lobby and each classroom