Nutrition and Wellness

Health and Proper Diet

Here at Kidde Time, we ensure that kids are well nourished and provided with appropriate meals that they need to comply with their nutritional requirements.

Our kids are provided with nutritious snacks during their morning and afternoon breaks to sustain them in between major meals. Even for early-bird kids, we provide for breakfast to ensure that they do not miss out on the most important meal for the day. We have the perfect amenities to prepare clean and child-safe dishes that children have loved and will surely love. Our staff are trained on proper sanitation and all our kitchen equipment and supplies are food-grade to ensure full safety from food poisoning and other allergies.

We highly discourage processed, ready-to-eat food here at Kiddie Time. You can see that our menu only consists of fresh fruits and vegetables, and unprocessed meats which are generally recommended and great for the children’s developing bodies. We closely coordinate with registered nutritionists and dietitians to come up with the best menu that our kids will enjoy and greatly benefit from.

We understand how obesity has become a global phenomenon that has affected adults and children alike. Not only does obesity affect children’s physical disposition but their behavioral patterns and self-image as well. As their second home, we want to ensure that our students have the access to all the nutritious food they need to keep themselves away from obesity and its other effects.

This is the reason why at Kiddie Time, we highly observe and monitor our children’s diet and wellness. Aside from closely monitoring their food intake, we also encourage them to be more physically active. We ensure to strike a good balance between the calories that go in and go out of their young bodies. This way, we don’t only ensure physical wellbeing, but also the behavioral health and emotional stability of our children in their young age.