Lauren R. Review

Lauren R.

Kiddie Time takes great care of our son Antonio. It wasn’t easy going back to work after being home for three months with him, but they eased all of my concerns and really made the transition smoother than I could ever have imagined. They take such great care of our little guy, and I couldn’t ask for anything more. He is so happy with them, and is enjoying the variety of activities they already do with him. The app that monitors activity as well as sends updates and pictures is so convenient – it’s so nice to be able to work full-time and still be able to see his progress, track his activities, and communicate directly with the staff. All of the staff have taken the time to get to know Antonio, so at drop off no matter who is there, we know he is in great hands and being loved and cared for. Great facility, genuine staff, and incredible structure of support for the parents.

Rebecca M. Review

Rebecca M.

My kids have been to a few Daycare’s and preschools but none of them have been as amazing as kiddie time. Between the staff, building, activities etc I can’t rave enough how much I love this place. My kids love being there and I have never had to question or doubt their care. The teachers are so hands on and my kids have really excelled since starting. My daughter never naps. At her last preschool they made her lay there and not really do much about it. She would always get in trouble for wanting to get up or do whatever because she just doesn’t like naps. At kiddie time her teacher actually went out and spent her own money on a coloring book and crayons just for my daughter so at nap time when she’s having a hard time sitting still she can color quietly instead. They’ve really taken the time to attend to my kids needs and trouble areas, they work so closely with them. I’m so thankful for this preschool, the staff and the dedication they have towards their kids. I would recommend kiddie time to anyone.

Rebecca C. Review

Rebecca C.

I cannot express how thankful I am for Kiddie Time in Marlborough. From family, to sitters and various childcare centers, our search for quality affordable childcare was lengthy and often times stressful.

Our 4 year old attended a different center with multiple locations in the area. While we were pleased with the majority of the staff, we encountered quite a few problems (billing, tuition, numerous incidents/injuries ) and were not pleased with how these issues were “resolved”.

Kiddie Time has been the sigh of relief we have been looking for! The center is new- clean and bright. The staff is so friendly and my daughter actually looks forward to going to school!!! She is learning so much and really enjoys the lessons/activities… and I am thrilled with the creative teaching. The indoor play area is wonderful for the kids, especially on rainy days.

I love that I can utilize an application on my phone to see daily updates and photos of my daughter… it certainly brightens my day.
I understand that no center is “perfect”, but I truly believe that Kiddie Time is perfect for our family and DEFINITELY worth touring if you have a young child.