Indoor Activities for Active Kids

slide4 Once the season turns rainy, or snow season kicks in, your child will have to stay indoors to help them avoid illness, and to keep them safe against accidents. However, what if you have an overly active child that just wants to continue playing? These days, technological advances are abound, and there are various gaming consoles that can entertain your child. Be it a PlayStation, an Xbox, a computer, a Wii, or some other gaming console – they really can’t get bored.

However, do you want to introduce your child to other indoor activities that doesn’t involve technology? Here are some ideas that you can consider:

  • A dance party. A simple but really fun idea for having fun indoors. Blast up your music, move around, and bust some moves with your entire family! Use your child’s playlist on Spotify or some other music app, or create an iPod playlist ahead of time. To make it more interesting, you can throw in some games like musical chairs or freeze dance.
  • Exercise games. Who says exercise is boring? If you want to keep your child active while improving their physical health, make a game out of exercises! Prepare some kid-friendly, simple exercises such as: Hula Hoops, Jumping Jacks, Jump Rope, and etc. If you have more than one child, you can even turn it into a small competition as to who can do the most number of a particular exercise.
  • Scavenger hunt. Who doesn’t love a good scavenger hunt? Hide certain objects in different areas of your home, jot them down, and give the list to your child! This activity keeps both their body and mind sharp and active.
  • Twister. This is a classic game, and it helps in making sure that your child is constantly moving! It also helps in improving their gross motor skills. If you don’t own the game, you may make use of other supplies (i. e. colored paper) to make your own twister grid.
  • Pillow fight. Another classic activity that is both fun and simple! You can just use whatever pillow you have on-hand and start a pillow fight with your children.
  • Indoor snowball fight. Does your child want to go outside for a snowball fight? However, if the weather is too bad/too cold, here is an alternative option for you: an indoor snowball fight! You don’t have to make use of real snow either – simply make use of other materials. You can use: crumpled paper, balled-up socks, or even nerf balls!
  • Indoor hopscotch. If you don’t want to draw on your floors, simply use tape or some other materials to form the hopscotch board.
  • Build a blanket fort. By building a blanket fort, you are not just keeping your child physically active, but you are teaching them important lessons, and improving their skills as well. This includes: critical skills, creativity, gross motor skills, imagination, and you are teaching them to cooperate with each other to building something bigger. Once the fort is up, snuggle inside or play inside (depending on the size of the fort that you’ve built).

These are just some fun activities that you can use. Of course, you have to consider some other factors such as: your child’s age, the size of the room, and what materials you have available at home. However, if you want your child to actually play and not just focus on their technology, make sure you consider the above mentioned activities!

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